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Our client approached us to produce an accessories leaflet which could be used for a forthcoming camping and outdoors event where brand ambassadors could use the leaflets to gain customer interest and drive traffic to dealerships local to them to purchase accessories.


Despite the opportunities that digital platforms offer, print materials and publications offer customers a brand experience that can’t be replicated online. Printed items offer the opportunity for customers to connect with a brand and its products in a tactile way.


When designing the leaflet we were very mindful of the event itself – a camping and outdoors enthusiasts event. A Hyundai KONA would be situated with all the accessories which were to be featured within the leaflet. The map concept proved to be a successful way to connect potential customers with the event, the KONA and the featured accessories. The map also offered the ability for customers to ‘navigate’ around the products and provide an interactive way to achieve engagement.


In an environment where lots of printed materials are handed to visitors, it was important that we produced something which wouldn’t just stand out but would engage with potential customers and drive them to visit their local dealerships. Not only did the KONA accessories map prove highly successful in creating interest in the accessories but it also provided enquiries in the KONA itself.

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