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Nissan’s discount programme for employees wishing to buy a new car, had been running on a website that was 10 years old. Being dated programming, the system was cumbersome to use and it wasn’t easy to be allocated with the unique code required to claim the price saving.


We worked closely with the Nissan team to look at similar systems and create a smoother and more automated user journey. The programme was expanded and more defined allowing employees, friends, family and also suppliers to apply for discount codes for a new Nissan. The new system would also need to generate outputs and reports to make it easy for Nissan to measure how many sales of vehicles were being made, to ensure return on investment.


Beyond generating the discount code, our creative team developed a visual approach to the new system, allowing users to browse vehicles and choose monthly finance payments to find the most appropriate model and budget for their needs. The design reflected the main website so that the two systems gave a seamless feel and brand cohesion.


Straight from launch, user registrations and discount code generation figures rose rapidly, which in turn delivered huge increases in new car sales linked to the programme.

Since launch in April 2017, the system has been fine tuned and developed to yet further improve the user journey. What's more, the system has now been enhanced to included Nissan’s luxury manufacturer Infiniti.

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