Hyundai Pop-up Store

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Hyundai had procured a pop up store in a south Birmingham shopping centre, with the aim of using it to gain brand awareness of the model range and encourage customers to consider Hyundai when they next change car. The unit was leased for a 3 month period.


ZZ were asked to “fit out” the unit with brand compliant logos and imagery, working to a challenging budget.

Our team visited the empty unit to discuss the possibilities with the client. Research showed that when manufacturers take these shopping centre units, that they tend to be uninspiring, simply installing a vehicle into the space. We wanted to find ways of attracting attention and drawing people and families into the space - to discover more about Hyundai.


Hyundai have a unique proposition, in that customers can effectively buy a new Hyundai online, just like you’re buying a new pair of shoes or booking a holiday. Their marketing entitled Click to Buy featured a car being delivered in an imaginary cardboard box. So we proposed that we created a huge cardboard box for the unit, in which we’d put a car. The graphics and messages on the box would echo the labelling and designs featured on online shopping packaging. The box would be complimented by cardboard recycled furniture and activities to attract children, such as build you own cardboard car kits, that they could make and colour while parents discover more about the Hyundai model on display. Plus interactive brand videos and messages.


Created on budget and on time, the box installation created a real wow, attracting huge numbers of visits to the pop up store, culminating in a higher than expected prospect generation and new car sales.

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