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Hyundai Motor UK


With today's approach to modern day living, consumer habits and evolving technology our client was looking for a way to interact with customers without having to print and update showroom point of sale on a regular basis. This combined with a need to create the feeling of an organised space and a more contemporary showroom environment steered Hyundai towards a digital solution.


Working closely with the Hyundai Aftersales Team, we addressed which customer facing materials should be included and how the customer could receive the information conveniently and promptly – whilst in the Hyundai showroom. For practicality and on the move use, tablets were the logical device to design for.


Design and build a system with a series of digital brochures containing Aftersales information relevant to Hyundai owners such as the latest Accessories, Roadside Assistance and Service Plans. Specifically designed for iPad, we developed the key framework of menus and categories. From there we built layout templates to ensure the content looked varied and engaging from brochure to brochure. When a Hyundai representative is with a customer they have the option to instantly email one or multiple brochures on the spot. From an administrative perspective, Hyundai can manage the interface independently, whether editing or creating new brochures. The interface is coded to be responsive and fit various device specifications.


The speed and convenience of providing the customer with important Aftersales information was the key to the brief. With a system which is self-managed and easy to use, Hyundai are delighted with the addition of the POS Presenter to their showrooms across the UK. Exceeding the customer’s expectation builds lasting relationships, generating future revenue through happy returning owners.

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