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Every quarter of the year, the Hyundai sales team publish documents for the dealer network that contain the latest product sales figures, offers and pertinent discounts available. All these figures are calculated on previous new car sales figures and published as an A4 landscape brochure as well as small ‘pocket guide'. These brochures have proven very popular with dealers and are even used to demonstrate their transparency when it comes to selling a vehicle to a customer.


Although popular, these Sales Guides are very difficult to update and print quickly enough to get into the dealer network before the information contained inside them is out of date. The obvious solution was take this to a digital platform where information is constantly up to date.


Knowing the way in which dealers utilise the Sales Guides gave us insight into developing a solution that would offer them the information required but also the ability to be used as a tool to demonstrate and maintain the transparency of their prices to customers if required. We produced a bespoke and secure Digital Sales Guide - a website that is completely responsive. Although there is a lot of information contained in the Digital Sales Guide we designed the site in such a way that when used on a mobile device it would automatically strip out the wider information, focussing on the main points which could also be demonstrated to customers. We also developed a completely intuitive admin area for the client so they could have complete control on updating the website without any further support.


The response was an enormous success. Interestingly though the very high positive feedback wasn’t just from the client. In fact this came through from dealers which fed through the client on to us.

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